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Moved. Needed a fresh start, an account I could use particularly for sharing my writing - in the form of short stories, or tidbits of longer ones.

However, this account is still in use to talk to friends! As of February 2016, I check this account frequently (just as much as the new one, if not more), so feel free to message.

PLEASE READ before asking for my new account. As 'fresh start' implies, I'm aiming for a different audience. There is not much up on that account yet, but some of it might be personal in nature. Plus there's the fact that I don't have the inhibitions associated with the Sonic fandom. There might be more adult themes.

There is something about a new account. It's fresh, it's a clean slate. Anonymity makes a person braver, and I would like to retain that sense of anonymity from my former DC111 username. I feel if I give out my new account to too many people, it will feel like I'm being watched by the same audience, and I'll hold myself back. I don't want to hold back; I want to feel confident enough to be more open, and I think that has to start with an audience, however small or large, that doesn't know me yet.

All that said, I will give out my new account to some people if you ask (I am not providing it to anyone outside of being asked, sorry), as long as I'm comfortable sharing that side of me with you. Preferably adults and preferably people I've talked to on several occasions. I apologize if I sound selective.

Thanks for understanding!
Yeah, hi, sorry I haven't said anything in ages. Just wondering. Got into this show a few days ago and it's absolutely incredible. :wow:


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raviothelorulean Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015
Hi, how are ya? :hug:
DC111 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015   Writer
Oh, hey there old friend! How have you been these days?
raviothelorulean Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015
Okay, just had a birthday, two weeks ago, been busy with work the last two days, working 15 hours. Happy to hear from you! :hug:
Speedy1236 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just read the move notice. I'm happy to hear you're keeping this account to talk to old friends (I and others would miss you if you decided to disappear suddenly off the face of the internet).

Would you note me with your new account name so I can stalk you to catch a look at whatever snippet of original DC work you may end up putting up there? I figured you didn't link for a reason (fresh start and all, I see that), but I'm a hopeless case on finding people's accounts on the internet unaided. There are several friends with tumblr or other accounts I never managed to find already. ;)
DC111 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015   Writer
I've considered internet-suicide to be honest, save for my FFN account because I think it would tear my heart out to take all that down. Not so long ago, I wouldn't have thought I would consider deleting this account either, but for the first time I fully understand why so many people feel that need to restart - it's nothing against what I've already done here and elsewhere, it's just a personal thing, an almost instinctual compulsion. I think I'm finally being honest with myself and saying that things have changed, I've changed (or perhaps just grown into myself more), and I need a platform to work from where I can let my guard down a little more than I do here. I'm slowly getting into writing short stories, and I'm finding it helps me solve some problems with my longer prose, so a lot of what's over there will be that, but... well, let me ramble for a minute.

As you've noticed I'm being kinda selective who I send that way. A few people HAVE made their way there unaided lol, and I felt hesitant about that at first too and then just kind of said whatever, at least they're people around my age and not some 13-year-old from FFN or something. (But I think I've removed most means to do so since then.) So, I guess I want to let you know it's going to probably be more personal there; there's a collab I'm working on with someone right now that I think is going to end up being pretty revealing, and I'm trying to basically let down the self-conscious barriers which I can already tell will affect the nature of my writing and probably my posting as well.

That and - I realize this is habitual for you guys - I don't really want to go by this alias anymore, if it can be helped. I'd prefer to be called by that username or my actual name which is up over there too though I'm sure you already know it. I want this to be a completely separate thing. Save for those few people who I let know who I am on both accounts, I don't want my previous audience to be able to find me; I feel like too much awareness of that on my part will inhibit my creativity, so I need to be careful. See, the thing about creating a new account is that it feels like anonymity, and anonymity kind of yields a little more courage and vulnerability in a way, you know? But to you and others from here, I'm not anonymous, and that is admittedly mildly intimidating. ^^;

Wowee, having said all that, if that sounds okay with you, I'd be glad to note you a link. Just kind of wanted to let you know what you're asking first, because while there's not much up over there yet, there will be, and some of it is different. I hope I'm making sense over here. :)
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